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5.5 Lt Wide Mouth Jar NLP

5.50 lt
25.5 mm
146 mm
282 mm
18 / 216
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The widemouth Storage Container range by Ellapack is designed to allow easy access through thewidemouth 110mm wide neck.

Made from high- density polyethylene (HDPE) food grade material, the range is ideal for a wide variety of food dispensing and storage applications.

Australian designed and manufactured, the widemouth range is available in ten popular sizes.


  • Wide mouth 110mm neck allowing easy access of contents by hand.

  • Tamper evident cap.

  • Indented outside surface offering label protection when merchandising or transporting.

  • Smooth top surface allowing easy application of seals when required.

  • High density polyethylene food grade material.


  • Food retail including bulk items such as powdered supplements, spices, confectionery, marinades etc.

  • Food service packaging including, dry goods, condiments, marinades, confectionery, and spices. Added advantage of reusable container.

  • General household storage.

Wide Mouth Jars - drawing specifications